Alien & Gun Poster   

For a new short I started working on, this was a test render related to a small animation I did with him for a Comet Cartoons Logo. Created with Edit Poly in MAX 4.2, he's a straight MAX render with a few soft glows added in Photoshop afterwards. His body uses the Oren-Nayar-Blinn material for a softer look. His eyes are truly 3D and are the only part of the shot that is ray traced.

He was set up with Skin and Morpher, and animated using a number of my proprietary tools on my 3D Help page. He was autorigged (minus skinning) by using my charRigger script to setup basic IK and controls for the body.

The two shots below show sample screen shots of what the rig and controls and UI look like.

This shows the basic pose above of the alien as a bone and control structure.

This shows what my interface looks like when I animate. The charUI is a custom auto UI creator based on control names, similar to what I wrote for Penguins at Big Idea. A friend of mine is writing it, though it has not been released yet.