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Odds & Ends

   What is this page?   

This is a page to hold different things that don't really fit on any of the other pages. I'll probably use it for some funny or silly stuff too. I may also pop some work in progress in here now and then, so be sure to check back.

   Other Silly Pages of Mine:   

Old 3D Artwork 1989-1995
This is a page of really old 3D artwork I did when I was first learning and doing 3D. Might be interesting for those who are just starting out, or those who remember the "good old Amiga days".
Smiley-Face Feelings Guide
Not perfect, but a funny image reference of smiley-face's showing emotions and feelings.

   Other Fun Links:   

Dachsund Circus
A cool Dachsund page with links to other good Dachsund sites.